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Teacher Pages admin portal
Cathy Baker - Second Grade Teacher Email: cbaker@dickenson.k12.va.us
Anna Barton - Kindergarten Teacher Email: adelaney@dickenson.k12.va.us
Sheryl Bise - First Grade Teacher Email: sbise@dickenson.k12.va.us
Kim Boggs - Fourth Grade Teacher Email: kboggs@dickenson.k12.va.us
Rebecca Boyd - Fourth Grade Teacher Email: reboyd@dickenson.k12.va.us
Peggy Childress - First Grade Teacher Email: pchildress@dickenson.k12.va.us
Debbie Crabtree - Third Grade Teacher Email: dcrabtree@dickenson.k12.va.us
Ashley Crabtree - Third Grade Teacher Email: acrabtree@dickenson.k12.va.us
Brooke Deel - Pre-K Teacher Email: bshortt@dickenson.k12.va.us
Lorna Dotson - Kindergarten Teacher Email: ldotson@dickenson.k12.va.us
Myra Fleming - Third Grade Teacher Email: mfleming@dickenson.k12.va.us
Mike Greear - Physical Education Email: mgreear@dickenson.k12.va.us
Adrianne Hackney - Resource Teacher Email: ahackney@dickenson.k12.va.us
Cristi Hall - Title 1 Reading Teacher Email: chall@dickenson.k12.va.us
Lori Kendrick - Second Grade Teacher Email: lkendrick@dickenson.k12.va.us
Janice Kennedy - Kindergarten Teacher Email: jkennedy@dickenson.k12.va.us
Benny Kennedy - Title 1 Technology Teacher Email: bkennedy@dickenson.k12.va.us
Brenda McCowan - Second Grade Teacher Email: bsmccowan@dickenson.k12.va.us
Gaye McCoy - Pre-K Teacher Email: gmccoy@dickenson.k12.va.us
Susan McFall - Second Grade Teacher Email: smcfall@dickenson.k12.va.us
April Osborne - Resource Teacher Email: aosborne@dickenson.k12.va.us
Loria Phipps - First Grade Teacher Email: lphipps@dickenson.k12.va.us
Michelle Powers - Resource Teacher Email: mpowers@dickenson.k12.va.us
Heather Rasnick - Second Grade Teacher Email: hrasnick@dickenson.k12.va.us
Beth Slone - Fourth Grade Teacher Email: bslone@dickenson.k12.va.us
Lauren Sluss - Kindergarten Teacher Email: lsluss@dickenson.k12.va.us
Andrea Steele - Third Grade Teacher Email: asteele@dickenson.k12.va.us
Bethany Sturgill - First Grade Teacher Email: bsturgill@dickenson.k12.va.us
Pam Turner - PreK- Teacher Email: pturner@dickenson.k12.va.us
Glenda Wampler - Fourth Grade Teacher Email: gwampler@dickenson.k12.va.us