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 Title I is a federally funded program for schools with the highest percentages of children from low-income families.  All elementary schools in Dickenson County implement a School-wide model with the Title I Funds which allows for flexibility in serving all children based on their individual needs.  The goal of Title I is to close learning gaps and to help ensure that all students meet local and state academic standards.

In addition to many other things, Title I funds are used to help fund our Pre-K Classrooms, our elementary Technology Labs, and Reading/Math Resource Teachers in our elementary schools.

Parent Notification Letters

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Title I Parent Resource Center



The Title I Parent Resource Center is located at Ervinton Elementary School. Parents can check out fun educational materials such as books, puzzles, games, and many other unique interactive resources to help their children build valuable reading and math skills.  Any parent who wishes to visit the Resource Center should first stop by the school office during school hours. If parents cannot come to the school to check out the materials, they can simply complete a request form (click the link below) and send the form to the child's teacher.  The materials will be sent to the appropriate school and then home with the student.  Materials can be kept for two weeks or longer if needed, and then parents can send the materials back school with the child to be returned to the Resource Center.  Parents can also email Derek McFall, the Resource Center Aide at [email protected] with any requests for materials to be sent home with a student.

Parent Resource Center Request Form


Newsletters are a way to stay in touch with parents and to build connections between home and school. The Dickenson County Public Schools Title I Program currently provides two newsletters for parents, Early Years and Home & School Connections. These newsletters bring tips, suggestions, and guidance to parents each month. Early Years newsletters instill a love of learning and help to build social skills for our preschool students.  The Home & School Connection newsletters foster the home and school partnership, improve school success, and make learning fun. You can click to read or to print the monthly newsletters below.

Early Years Newsletters
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Home & School Newsletters

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Pre-K Information

Our Pre-K program serves four-year-old children and prepares them to be successful in Kindergarten.  Pre-K students must be four years old on or before September 30th of the current school year to be considered for the program.  The students attend regular full days, five days a week, and transportation is provided by Dickenson County school buses.  If you have any questions or want to inquire about a Pre-K opening during the school year, please contact Deirdre Deel, Title I Coordinator at 276-926-4643.